Many Uses of BAMBOO

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Bamboo is one of the most versatile plants in the world. I am surprised at how often I find uses for it around the house, but with a little research it is easy to see that I have been only scratching the surface.Try typing in "bamboo uses" in Google.

Privacy Screening:

The number one use of the bamboo I sell is for privacy screening. No matter if you want a 5 ft hedge or a 50 ft tall wall of solid green there is a bamboo variety that will meet the need. Below is a thick grove of dwarf David Bissett. This grove is above a retaining wall overlooking a swimming pool. Believe it or not at the top of the hill behind this bamboo grove is a road. As you can see the bamboo provides total privacy. It is a perfect all natural solution for screening out an unpleasant view or blocking out prying eyes. In my opinion there is nothing better for privacy screening than bamboo

Contruction: Bamboo is used across the world in all types of construction. Below is a picture of a house made entirely of bamboo. Scaffolding and bridges are often crafted from Bamboo. I have read that it has the tensile strength of steel.


Below is a bamboo mill under construction. Split bamboo is very easy to bend

A bamboo bike on display below.

A beautifully carved culm section from a large bamboo species, probably Moso

Woven bamboo can be used for a million purposes. Baskets, fabric, textiles, etc. Below is an example of a basket woven from split bamboo

Food...Not only do Panda's love bamboo millions of people eat the shoots on a regular basis. Here is a picture of a bundle of shoots for sale at a market in Japan

Other uses include bamboo fly rods, blinds, flooring, musical instruments, blow guns, numerous crafts and utensils.. the list goes on and on.