Green Strip Vivax

Green Stripe Vivax (Phyllostachys Vivax Aureocaulis) So far is the biggest bamboo I can grow in climate zone 6. Only Moso is larger but I havent been able to get Moso to thrive here. It is an extremely attractive bamboo but the downside is that it is thin-walled, making it succeptible to breakage in heavy snow or strong wind. The green stripes are so sharp and prominent that people often wonder if it is real. Vivax needs a lot of sun. If you plant it in shaded areas it will not do well and will lean toward the sun rather than staying upright. It is fairly cold hardy, will get leaf burn when temps drop below 5 degrees. Mine has seen zero degree temps without very much damage.

New Canes of GS Vivax have such prominent and bold stripes. I love them.

4 Big canes coming up together last spring

GS Vivax can also be used as a tall Screen. There is actually a 10 ft high bank and a road behind this grove of GS Vivax.

Here was my last GS Vivax potted up that I sold last year. This is in a #5 pot