More Pictures and NEWs

November 15th: Had some more visitors this fall but as usual forgot to get pictures. Had a cold snap last week with temperatures in the low teens. Had to bring some of the more sensitive varieties into the greenhouse. Less cold hardy types include Moso, Black, Arrow, and Robert Young. The really cold hardy types such as Yellow Groove I can leave outside in pots for the whole winter (unless it just gets abnormally cold and decides to stay that way for weeks) Took a picture of some canes of Robert Young below. These started out totally green this spring and have turned yellow, leaving only random green stripes. This is a fairly new variety for me. Ive had the grove about 5 years and had never dug any for sale until this year.

September 13th: Visit today from Cara and her husband. My twin boys took the opportunity to get in the picture as well. They had 5 large field dug Henon which should give a good start come spring. It was nice to meet them and thanks to my dad for reminding to get a picture


September 10th: Well it has been a busy summer and I havent gotten to update as much as I would like. I have had several visitors but my chronic forgetfulness didnt allow me to get pictures. I was up in my dad's pasture where I have a few groves planted and noticed something was stripping all the leaves that were reachable from the bamboo. After much searching I found the culprit!

So I had to build some makeshift fences around the groves until I can get the smaller plants dug and potted

Threw in a random pick of a small stream with groves on either side and a thick groundcover bamboo on the right side. I like how these different size bamboo create a lot of variety along the stream.


June 2nd: It rained hard last night and all this morning. It was getting a bit dry so Im sure the bamboo and the garden are appreciative. One of my boys and I were walking around taking a few pictures after the rain stopped. Many of the shoots that came out of the ground only a few weeks ago are over 20 feet tall. Many of the Green Stripe Vivax canes you see here are 5 inches in diameter.

Here's a bit closer shot

Still a lot of water standing in a low spot. The grove on the left is Yellow Groove and the right is P. Nigra Shimadake.

Check out how thick this Yellow Groove

And finally another pic of the awesome screening power of bamboo the area behind the pool has a wall of green.


May 11th: Shoots everywhere!! Nearly everything is shooting now. Snapped a few pictures this morning. The first (on the left) is P. Nuda, which has some of my favorite shoots. These first poked out of the ground just a few weeks ago and are now over 10feet tall. The picture on the right is a Green Stripe Vivax. The shoot is about 4 inches in diameter.


Here are some Moso Shoots from a small grove (picture below on the left). Notice how the shoots are already taller than the original plants. More GSV shoots on the right


April 20th: Sue and Dave, from Missouri and their friends from Tennessee came out to visit today. Like almost everyone before them they almost got here on the first try. We live way out in the country and GPS only gets you close. They picked up Henon, Yellow Groove, and Sasa Palmatta. Was nice to meet them.

April 6th: Loaded up the dump truck with over 40 field dug specimens of Yellow Groove, Nuda, and Humilis. Half the plants went to Alan in Weaverville, NC and the the other half went to Carl in Asheville, NC. Both had beautiful homes and were looking for a screen. Hopefully in a few years they will obtain the desired results. Thanks to both for choosing Appalachian Bamboo it was nice to meet you.


March 30th: Visit from Jeff and Susan. They drove over from Jonesborough, TN to pick up several field dug specimens that included: Spectabilis, Shimadake, Black, Red Margin. Even though I am out of some of these for shipping purposes I can still dig field dug. It was nice to meet them and I hope the bamboo does well.

March 23rd: Had 2 visits today but i forgot to get pictures on the first one... was a great family from Georgia... I hate forgetting! Here's the second Colby and Tyler came all the way from Arkansas to pick up 10 big field dug. 8 Henon, 1 GSvivax, and 1 Yellow Groove. They also got my last two pots of Nigra Bory (Snakeskin)

March 16th, 2013: Feels like spring this weekend. Gary and Emma came over from Sweetwater, Tennessee today. They picked up some Yellow Groove and Black Bamboo. Its always fun to have folks come and tour the bamboo. Lots more visits scheduled


February 3rd, 2013: Snow. We got a little snow today so we went out play around. Snapped some pictures of various bamboo in the snow. Here is a grove of black bamboo. The wind had already blown the snow off the leaves by the time we got outside.

Here's some nigra 'bory' sometimes called snakeskin bamboo due to the mottled pattern on the canes. I love this type. My grove is just now getting big enough that I am going to start digging some divisions.

This pic was off the front deck while the snow was still coming down. You can see a grove of Yellow Groove near the pond.

Walking back toward the green house. The road goes right between a grove of Nigra Henon and a Grove of Yellow Groove. Behind the greenhouse in the distance you can see a wall of Green Stripe Vivax.



January 14th, 2013: A new year. Took a few pictures that demonstrated how well Bamboo can be utilized as a privacy screen. In this picture the bamboo wall on the left has effectively screened out 200 feet of road leaving the pool area with complete privacy. This screen is actually made up of 3 different types of bamboo. Dwarf David Bissett, Nuda, and Green Stripe Vivax

Here is another screen that is about 75 feet wide. This is comprised of Nigra Henon and Green Stripe Vivax. This screen is very dense and is about 25 feet tall