Bulk and Smaller Quantities of Perlite for Sale

Available in bulk 4 cubic feet (30 gallons) quantities or 1 cubic feet (7.5 gallons)

Perlite Quantities

Now Offering Course Medium Horticultural Grade Perlite

Horticultural Perlite:

White perlite granules are the result of the expansion of combined water vaporizing in the crude mineral and forming enclosed air pockets. Because of the great quantity of air in these pockets, the product is very light and has excellent physical qualities for use in plant propagation. The physical properties of the product also further enhance its use in horticulture. It is inorganic, sterile, safe to handle and has no odor.


For use in seed starting, as a rooting medium, soil amendment and golf green amendment.

About Perlite:

A volcanic rock in its natural form, perlite is mined as an ore and heated to 1,800 degrees F. Each particle then bursts, expanding like popcorn. Its rough surface holds moisture, but also drains well, making it perfect for improving drainage in a growing media.