Red Margin (Phyllostachys Rubrimarginata)

A large cold hardy variety with distinct spring shoots. What I like about this one is that it shoots later than most of my other bamboo and avoids those late frosts we often get here in the mountains. Red Margin canes are a unique shade of green (that almost seems to glow). The canes are very thick walled and make the best walking sticks of all the bamboo I grow. Red Margin gets very large in the south. Cold Hardy to at least negative 5 degrees (likely even lower since mine has weathered negative 2 degrees without even leaf burn)

Below is a grove of Red Margin from a distance. It forms a great screen


Below is an example of why it's called red margin. My grove is about 5 years old, however, and I havent seen any with this coloration so far

Closer of picture of the grove up top.These canes are about an inch in diameter. Future canes may be twice this size