Shipping is done on Monday or Tuesday of each week. All plants will be shipped by UPS ground, which is included in the price of the plant. If you want/need to make other shipping arrangements please let me know and I'll see what I can do. More expensive shipping options, however, will increase the plant price. If you live near Western North Carolina we can also arrage a pickup. If you visit the nursery I can often provide you with plants that are too big for me to ship that will give you an ever quicker start on your bamboo grove.

Below is a series of pictures demonstrating how we pack and ship bamboo. First we remove the rootball from the container and wrap in damp newspapers. All the soil remains intact (Yes this is more costly to ship but it is the least stressful method- and shipping is FREE anyway)

Bamboo is removed from container and wrapped with wet newspaper

Bamboo is then wrapped with shrink wrap and bracing is added (usually a bamboo pole or two)

The bamboo is ready to go into the box and ship immediately