Yellow Groove Pictures

Yellow Groove is probably the best all around good choice for creating a privacy screen in colder climates. It grows very dense but doesnt spread quite a quickly as other running bamboo.

Here is a small grove of Yellow Groove bamboo from a distance. Just behind this grove are a couple of trailers and a portable sawmill. As you can see Yellow Groove forms an excellent privacy screen that cannot be seen through. This bamboo is about 25 feet tall. The grove is about 5years old. Started from 5 large divisions

Some Yellow Groove have this distinctive crook at the base. It makes a very good handle for a walking stick.

Here are some new shoots of Yellow Groove coming up in the spring. These will grow to their maximum size in just a few months. I think these maxed out at around 25ft tall.


Close up view of a Yellow Groove culm. The canes are green with an alternating yellow stripe.

Here is a dense grove of Yellow Groove on both sides of this small stream. I initially planted this here so I wouldnt have to weedeat. Bamoo does a good job of shading out weeds and mulching itself over time