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Welcome to Appalachian Bamboo!! located at 83 Old Dick Branch Road, Robbinsville, NC 28771

Appalachian Bamboo Nursery in the mountains of Western North Carolina (Very near East Tennessee and North Georgia) specializes in the mail order sale of cold hardy running bamboo. I currently have over 25 types of running bamboo growing and plan to expand in the future. (Although only about half of the bamboo is currently for sale) I sell live, healthy potted plants, and ship via UPS (see my shipping details page for more information on shipping)

It was over 10 years ago when I ventured out into cyberspace and purchased my first mail order Bamboo. My original intent was simply to find a tall privacy screen to block out the road that went past the back of my house. Little did I know that the small #1 size plant would be the first of multitudes to come.

As I learned more about bamboo my desire to grow more of it increased. I was amazed at how many uses began to present themselves as my supply of bamboo grew. I love the landscaping options that the many sizes, and colors of bamboo offers.

I always thought bamboo was a tropical plant, but I was surprised to learn I could grow lots of varieties here in climate zone 6. My collection expanded to include species that ranged from tiny ground cover to towering giants.

As my groves expanded I couldnt bear to cut them back so I began to dig the excess around the edges, and was soon left with quite a few potted plants. For the first few years I listed them on Ebay, and generally sold out of everything. (I have over 1400 feedback on Ebay with 100% positive.)

I want to thank everyone that has made Appalachian Bamboo a success. Thanks to all my customers in Pennsylvania, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Virginia, Ohio, Michigan, Colorado, Illinois...virtually every state east of the Rocky Mountains!