2012 News and Pictures

December 2nd, 2012: I have been by this grove a thousand times but finally stopped and took some pictures. The grove is located on Forest Service property right at the put-in for the Natahala River rafting. This is Giant Japanese Timber Bamboo and the pictures don't do it justice. Some of these canes are 5 inches in diameter. The grove needs cleaning up (removing dead canes and such) but it is awesome.


Nov 10th, 2012 Delivered over a hundred plants to Richmond, VA. Which was about a 1000 mile round trip. Thanks to Robert for choosing Applachian Bamboo as his supplier. This delivery pretty much wiped out my inventory for this fall but Ive been digging as much as I have had time to dig.

9/30/12 Offering a great price ($60) on large field dug divisions in several varieties. Henon, Nuda, Yellow Groove, Decora, and Red Margin.These must be picked up. Will provide delivery quote. Limited supply! Also added a couple new varieties to the site. Nigra Bory (pictured below) and Shiroshima (see bamboo list page for details)

8/19/12- 2 Visitors today one group from the Knoxville area picked up a couple of field dug Giant Japanese Timber Bamboo and some pots of Henon. And James (who i forgot to get a picture of) dropped by while on vacation, just to look and talk bamboo. Nice to meet them all.


7/25/12 Have actually had several visits but have forgotten to take pictures. Today Richard drove over from Tennessee to pick up 10 large field dug Red Margin. These were very large plants (12-20ft tall) with big rootballs. These will give a good start to a grove. I didnt make it home for the visit but my dad and my daughter were here to remember to take pictures.

6/20/12 Recently went on vacation to Pigeon Forge for a few days and could not resist stopping by the Konahete Park in Cherokee, NC to walk through the Henon Grove there. Pictures do not do it justice, some of these canes are 5 inches or more in diameter. None of my Henon are this big yet but they are getting bigger every year.. this grove likely has a 20 year headstart. Here's the beautiful family being a bit silly.

6/3/12 Took a bunch of pics yesterday. All the spring shoots are pretty much maxed out in height now. I have been really impressed this year with the Green Stripe Vivax. I came across one yesterday that had a really unique color pattern. It was half green and half yellow





I havent gotten to do as much bamboo work lately due to another project. Buiding a storage building. Almost ready for siding.

Most of the bamboo that came up this spring is now almost maxed out in height. Here is a pic of standing inside the grove. The yellow canes in the center are this spring shoots. As you can see they are now taller than the bamboo around them. They look a littler bare right now because the leaves haven't matured.


5/1/12 Despite the late frost set back the bamboo shoots are coming on strong. Snapped some pics this evening. Below are some new Henon Shoots. They start out green before turning to the grayish blue.

Got some huge Green Stripe Vivax coming up this year.

The groundcover bamboo really coming out this spring

And finally my Rhododendrons were so nice I had to take a pic of them as well

4/17/12 Well I can tell you a super warm spring mixed with a very late freeze is a horrible combination for bamboo. Hundreds of shoots were killed by a late frost last week. Ive been meaning to go take some pictures. Overall pretty depressing. When they get hit with frost you don't know they are killed for a few days then they start falling over dead. Nothing we can do about it though, bamboo is resilient, it will put up another round of shoots they just wont be as big or as plentiful as the first round.

3/31/12 Had lots of visitors (and shoots) since the last update but I have got to get better at remembering to take pictures. Today Chuck and his lady friend (Sorry I'm terrible at remembering names) Came down from Tennessee and purchased some Yellow Groove and Spectabilis. I also snapped some pics of the spring shoots (they came early this year due to the mild winter) I really hope we dont get another frost)


2/29/12 It was rainy Wednesday night but Mr. Yin and his son John drove up from North Georgia. Appalachian Bamboo is way out in the country and not always easy to locate, so after a wrong turn they arrived near dark. We had to hurry and do a quick tour. They picked out some Yellow Groove, Decora, Black, and David Bissett. Extremely nice people and it was great to meet them both.


2/19/12 The good weather has held up so far and we are having a mild Feb. Had 2 visits this weekend. One on Saturday from Bradley and his friend from the Asheville area (I forgot to get a picture before they left) and Today from Robert who is from the Knoxville TN area. Was great to meet them all. It rained all day. Robert picked up several Henon, Black, and Spectabilis bamboo

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